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A Barber With a Big Heart

For many kids, getting a haircut can be stressful. Vernon Jackson is making the experience a little bit easier.

Seated Vernon Jackson smiles with his barber shop in the background.

© Vernon Jackson

Vernon Jackson

Vernon Jackson gives free haircuts to children with special needs at his barber shop, Noble Barber and Beauty. The Cincinnati, Ohio, barber says it’s his way of giving back to the community.

Jackson started giving the free haircuts in 2021, through what he calls the Gifted program. He had learned that some kids struggle with the loud sounds in a barber shop, making it hard for them to get haircuts. So he decided to open his shop on his day off, when the shop is calm and quiet. This would allow kids to get used to the shop environment. 

“There [are] no other barbers or stylists in the shop, and I [can] give them the full attention they need,” Jackson told CBS News.

© Vernon Jackson

Jackson collects donations online so that he can afford to give the haircuts for free. It turns out, many people want to help. Jackson has collected thousands of dollars on a website that he set up. When parents try to pay for the free haircuts, Jackson tells them there’s no need.

“I say, “No, trust me, this is part of the Gifted program,” Jackson said. “This is a gift from the community [and] myself—please receive it.”

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Vernon Jackson holding his hands together and smiling inside a car.

© Vernon Jackson

Vernon Jackson wants to use the money he raises to travel around the United States and give free haircuts to many more kids.

Giving Your Talent

Grid of four photos showing a hairstylist with a client, hair styling tools, a baker pouring batter, and baking ingredients.

©  Jose Luis Pelaez Inc, Mike Harrington, Daniel Llao Calvet, Floortje/Getty Images; Photo composite Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Many people give money to help others. This money is called a donation. But donations aren’t always in the form of money. It’s also possible to donate talents. Vernon Jackson is an example of this. He is a barber who gives his time and talent so kids can have free haircuts. 

Here are ways people can donate their talents to people in need.

  • Hairdressers and barbers can give free haircuts.
  • Knitters can make sweaters and blankets and give them to homeless shelters. 
  • Law experts and money experts can give free advice. 
  • Technology experts can help people fix their computers.
  • Bakers can have a bake sale and raise money.

There are so many ways to help others!

What Do You Want To Be?

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Vernon Jackson is a barber. Hair styling is a career for many people. News reporting is another career. What careers are you interested in?

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