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Animals Get Silly

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recognize the images that show wild animals in their silliest moments.

A gray kangaroo stands in a meadow with one limb against its body and the other extended to its left.

© Jason Moore/Comedy Wildlife 2023

Jason Moore of Australia won the top prize for his photo of a kangaroo that looks like it’s playing air guitar.

Have you ever done something funny without even trying? Wild animals do that sometimes, too! The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards capture the hilarious things critters do when they think no one’s looking. This year’s winning snapshot shows a kangaroo that looks like it’s playing air guitar. But the kooky kangaroo didn’t take home the only prize.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are open to anyone, whether they are a professional photographer or just take photos for fun. The key is to capture an image of wildlife at its wackiest. Winners are chosen in six categories: Creatures of the Land (land animals), Creatures in the Air (flying animals), Underwater, Junior (for photographers who are 18 and younger), Internet Portfolio (for a group of four photos), and Video Clip (for a video of a funny animal). Judges also choose an overall winner, and the public gets to vote on a People’s Choice Award

© Lily Bernau/Comedy Wildlife 2023

The winning video, called Too Cold, was taken by Lily Bernau in Antarctica.

In 2023, 1,842 people from 85 countries sent in thousands of images, but only a few of them won awards. The picture of the arm-swinging kangaroo, called Air Guitar Roo, and its photographer, Jason Moore of Australia, won the Overall category and the Creatures of the Land category.

The public had a different favorite. The People’s Choice was an image called Dispute, which shows two greenfinches (a type of small bird) that look like they’re arguing. Dispute and its photographer, Jacek Stankiewicz of Poland, also won in the Junior category.

Click through the slideshow for a look at the bickering birds and much more!

© Otter Kwek/Comedy Wildlife 2023; © Vittorio Ricci/Comedy Wildlife 2023; © Jacek Stankiewicz/Comedy Wildlife 2023; © Brian Matthews/Comedy Wildlife 2023; © Lara Mathews/Comedy Wildlife 2023; © Tzahi Finkelstein/Comedy Wildlife 2023; © Timea Ambrus/Comedy Wildlife 2023

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Fun Fact

A kangaroo among many other kangaroos in a clearing looks at the camera and says it’s awfully crowded.

© Adwo/

Australia is home to more kangaroos than humans!

Ready for Their Closeups!

What are wild animals up to when we’re not looking? Webcams and trail cameras can tell us! These cameras, which are set up inside national parks, forests, and even some backyards, let us observe wild animals without disturbing them.

Below, find out what happens when bears, mountain lions, and other animals discover the camera.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area; Bureau of Land Management Oregon & Washington; Kameron Perensovich (CC BY 2.0); USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Picture Perfect

An artist stands in front of an easel with a half painted abstract of a sunset and a real sunset behind it.

© Mykola Nisolovskyi, Biletskiy/; Photo illustration Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Did you know that there were no cameras before the early 1800s? Imagine what life must have been like!

How was the camera invented, and how does it work? Find out at Britannica!

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