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Generous Kid Sets a World Record

An effort to raise money for charity put Jace Weber’s name in the record books.
A 10-year-old child poses while holding a certificate from Guinness World Records.
Guinness World Records
Jace Weber proudly holds the certificate showing that he set a world record.

A 10-year-old from Canada just earned a world record for collecting the most aluminum can tabs for recycling in one year. Jace Weber of Ontario said record setting wasn’t his goal. He just wanted to raise money for charity.

Jace got the idea to start collecting tabs after watching a YouTube video about a man who had done this. Jace learned that the March of Dimes, an organization that helps newborn babies and their mothers as well as people with disabilities, has a can tab program. Metal tabs from cans of soda and other drinks can be recycled for money, which the March of Dimes will gratefully accept as a donation. Jace began putting away used can tabs from around his home.

Pretty soon, others heard about Jace’s collection and began giving their can tabs to him.

“There were always tabs sitting at our doorstep,” Jace’s dad, Curtis, told CTV News. “Every day when we’d come home, there would be more.” 

A child poses with 25 tall containers of can tabs.
Guinness World Records
Jace Weber poses with his impressive collection of aluminum can tabs.

In August 2023, after collecting tabs for one year, Jace and his parents took them to a recycling facility. A representative from the March of Dimes met them there, and everyone watched as the tabs were weighed. The total weight was 3,648 pounds (1,655 kilograms), about as much as a car! Jace received $2,553 in Canadian dollars ($1,891 in U.S. dollars), which he then gave to the March of Dimes. It was the largest donation the can tab program has ever received.

A child gives two thumbs up on the back of a truck with a barrel of can tabs, his parents, and four other adults.
Guinness World Records
Jace poses with his parents (left) and volunteers from the March of Dimes.

Jace had collected so many tabs that his parents thought he might have set a world record. They contacted Guinness World Records, which made Jace’s record official in March 2024. 

“When I first saw the Guinness World Records symbol, I thought it was just a dream,” Jace told WAFB News. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. To this day, I still can’t believe it.” 

Jace is collecting more can tabs, though he’s not really focused on setting another record. He’ll donate the money to help pay for a new school playground.

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Did You Know?

You can recycle plastic only two or three times. You can recycle glass and aluminum again and again.

A man plays tennis as his sneaker says it has been a water bottle and yoga mat and is now a sneaker.
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Doing Your Part for the Planet

Each April, we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a good reminder to appreciate and take care of our planet. Here are a few ways you can help.

A woman rides a bike with a recycled bag on her shoulder and groceries in the basket.
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Look for ways to reduce waste. For example, if you take your lunch to school, use a reusable lunch box instead of a plastic or paper bag. Bring reusable bags when you go grocery shopping.

A man hands a box of toys to a woman.
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Instead of throwing out old toys, see if you can donate them so another kid can enjoy them. Clothes can also be passed down from one kid to another.
A man puts a bag of recyclable items into a bin.
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You can recycle glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, and even some batteries, electronics, and more. Check your town or city website to find out what can be recycled where you live.
A woman sits cross legged and holds a lightbulb on one palm and drops of water on the other.
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Don't Waste

Make sure you turn off lights and faucets when you’re not using them.
Three people hold bags with illustrations of different items that are disposed of in different ways.
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Clean Up

You and your friends can clean up a local park or even your school yard. You can talk to an adult about helping you organize something like this.

Earth Day Is Coming

Young children in a wooded area put litter into plastic bags.
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Did you know that Earth Day is on April 22? Many people spend Earth Day cleaning up litter or planting trees.You can read about why Earth Day is important at Britannica.

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