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Licy’s Fight for the Climate

April 22 is Earth Day! Here’s the story of a kid who is a serious friend to planet Earth.

Side by side photos show Licy Kangujam in front of the White House holding up a sign demanding climate justice and a girl and Licy Kangujam and Malala Yousafzai posing together.

Courtesy of Licypriya Kangujam

The photo on the left shows Licypriya Kangujam protesting in front of the White House, where the U.S. president lives. The photo on the right shows Licy with famous activist Malala Yousafzai at a meeting of world leaders.

When Licypriya Kangujam was 6 years old, a strong storm called a cyclone hit her town in India. Soon after, her family moved to a city called Delhi, where the air was very polluted. Licy realized that there were serious problems with the environment all over the planet. She decided she had to do something about it. Now 11 years old, Licy is a climate activist. That means she is working to slow climate change. 

Licy’s own experience taught her that climate change is leading to warming temperatures, stronger storms, flooding, and more. Licy says people have the right to live on a healthy planet. She wants leaders to pass laws to stop pollution such as greenhouse gases, which are causing climate change. 

Licy’s work started close to home. At age 6, she went to India’s Parliament House, where the nation’s laws are made. There, she held a protest to get the attention of India’s leader, the prime minister.

A young girl is surrounded by girls in school uniforms holding up signs supporting climate justice.

Satyabrata Tripathy—Hindustan Times/Getty Images

On March 6, 2020, Licy Kangujam took part in a climate march with students in India. Licy is in the center of the photo.

Since then, Licy has traveled around the world, trying to get world leaders to act. She has given speeches and led protests. And every year, Licy goes to COP, a meeting where leaders from many countries discuss what to do about climate change. But Licy says these meetings don’t always lead to solutions. She believes that leaders aren’t acting fast enough.

Licy herself is doing all she can to save the planet. She spreads her message on TikTok and Instagram. In 2018, she started Child Movement, a group that works to make people aware of how climate change affects the planet, wildlife, and people. She also encourages kids and adults to plant trees every Monday.

Licy says kids can do a lot to help the planet. She’s proof of that!

“Many people told me that I’m too young to get involved in such activism,” she told the Washington Post. “But I strongly believe that children can lead the change.”

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Fun Fact

A lush green valley with purple wildflowers in the foreground

© Yakthai/

Valley of Flowers National Park

India, where Licypriya Kangujam lives, is home to many natural wonders. One of them is Valley of Flowers National Park. The park is home to beautiful blankets of wildflowers and awesome waterfalls. 

Nature isn’t just pretty to look at. It’s home to lots of living things that depend on one another. It’s up to us to protect nature so that all those living things can survive. 

How Can I Help?

You might already know that you can help the planet by using less electricity and water, and by recycling. Here are a few other ways to be Earth friendly.

  • Reuse old clothes.


    Making new clothes can harm the planet. For one thing, it uses a lot of water. Instead, reuse clothes. You can give your old clothes to younger siblings, cousins, or neighbors—and older siblings can give their old clothes to you.

  • Make something new.

    If your clothes have stains or holes, ask an adult if you can turn them into something new. A shirt could be cut and sewn to be an apron or a headband. The sleeves of an old sweater could become leg or neck warmers.

  • Find a new home for old stuff.


    We throw away a lot of stuff. When you’re too old for a book or toy that’s still in good shape, don’t throw it away. Give it to a shelter or a charity so that another kid can use it.

  • Reuse old stuff.

    There are ways to make less garbage. Create fun crafts out of paper towel rolls, plastic bottles, cloth scraps, and more!

  • Leave spiders alone!


    Every living thing has a job. Spiders are important. By eating insects, they help keep the natural world in balance. If you see a spider in your house, think of it as a helper—and leave it alone!

© Prostockstudio/; Illustration composite Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Every Day Is Earth Day!

A young woman speaking into a megaphone with other activists in the background.

Jonas Gratzer/Getty Images News

So many people are working to help the planet! Vanessa Nakate is a young climate activist from Uganda, a nation in Africa. You can read all about her at Britannica School.

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