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New Homes for Old LEGO Bricks

Charlie Jeffers created Pass the Bricks, which gives people the opportunity to donate their LEGO bricks.

A teen smiles behind a table with many LEGO bricks and white boxes labeled Pass the Bricks.

Pass the Bricks,

Charlie Jeffers has helped find new homes for thousands of LEGO bricks.

When Charlie Jeffers found out that his friends were throwing out their old LEGO sets, he came up with an idea. Charlie started an organization that sends old LEGO bricks to new homes.

The organization, which is called Pass the Bricks, collects LEGO sets from anyone who is willing to donate them. Then a group of volunteers cleans and sorts the bricks and repacks them into boxes. Pass the Bricks works with several charities to give these newly packaged LEGO sets to families who might not be able to afford LEGO for their kids.

A teen takes a photo of a constructed LEGO set.

Pass the Bricks,

Pass the Bricks often creates new LEGO sets and provides a photo of what they should look like after they’ve been put together.

Charlie started Pass the Bricks in 2020 with two goals. First, he wanted to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills after it’s thrown away. Second, as a huge LEGO fan himself, he wanted other kids to get a chance to create with them.

“I was so lucky to have access to a toy like that,” Charlie, who is now in high school, told the Washington Post. “I want to give other kids the same opportunity.”

LEGO is usually sold in boxes containing the number of bricks of different sizes, shapes, and colors needed to build something like a model car or building. These are called LEGO sets. The sets donated to Pass the Bricks are often missing some of their bricks. So Charlie and the other volunteers often create new sets out of the bricks they receive. One set the team created is called “Iron Man Goes to the Car Wash.” Whoever receives that set will get to build a mini Iron Man in a car that’s going through a car wash! Every set comes with building instructions.

A teen holds up two boxes, each with a photo of a constructed LEGO set.

Pass the Bricks,

Pass the Bricks LEGO sets are creative, with names like “Commissioner Gordon Uses the Bat Signal to Order a Pizza.”

Pass the Bricks has expanded beyond Charlie’s home state of California. According to the organization’s website, its volunteers live in 103 cities around the world and have collected more than 4,500 LEGO sets so far.

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Fun Fact

Ben “The Brick Builder” Craig, a LEGO artist from Australia, built a camping trailer using 288,630 LEGO bricks! The trailer even has running water and electricity. Check out the video.

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Find New Homes for Your Old Toys

A child holds a cardboard box full of toys.

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If you have toys that you’ve outgrown or no longer want, think about donating them. This will give another kid the chance to enjoy them!

Many organizations are set up to give donated items, like clothing, books, and toys, to people who might not be able to afford them. You can ask an adult to help you find one of these organizations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing toys to donate:

  • Make sure the toy is as clean as possible. You can put most stuffed animals in a washing machine. Plastic toys can be washed with soap and water.
  • If the toy has many pieces, make sure none of them are missing.
  • Don’t donate toys that are broken, such as electronic toys that no longer turn on, even with new batteries.

The Legend of LEGO

A boat, a car, a lion, and a stegosaurus, all built with LEGO, along with two LEGO people carrying a LEGO brick.

© Wirestock/, © Josefkubes, Shoter, Chengusf/, Attila Kisbenedek—AFP/Getty Images; Photo composite Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Did you know that LEGO was invented in 1934? You can learn more about everyone’s favorite plastic building bricks at Britannica!

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