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Summer Stories

Want an adventure? Check out a book this summer!

Two girls sit back to back on a blanket outdoors reading books.

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Where can you find a great story? Open a book! Summer is the perfect time for reading. Here are some books you might want to read this summer.

Bounce Back

By Misako Rocks!

Lilico just moved from Japan to the United States. At first, it’s hard to get used to her new country. But with help from her cat and some new friends, things just might get better!

© Feiwel & Friends

A child in a red riding hood under the words Endlessly Ever After and surrounded by characters from fairy tales.

Endlessly Ever After

By Laurel Snyder

This fun book puts readers right in the middle of fairy tales. How will the story end? It all depends on the decisions you make!

© Chronicle Books

Too Small Tola

By Atinuke

Tola lives with her family in a busy city called Lagos, which is in the African country of Nigeria. Tola gets teased for being small, but she has a big heart. When people need her help, kind Tola is always ready and willing.

© Candlewick Press

A girl carries a basket of food and other items on her head next to the words Too Small Tola.
A dog pulls food out of a kitchen garbage with the words My Furry Foster Family and Truman the Dog.

Truman the Dog

By Debbie Michiko Florence

Kaita and her family decide to foster (take care of) a dog named Truman. Soon, Truman becomes comfortable with his new human pals. He gets into all kinds of mischief, but he’s very easy to love!

© Picture Window Books

The Hidden Seek

By Nate Cernosek

During a game of hide and seek, a brother and sister end up in a different world, where a witch is out to get them. The only way to go home is to win at hide and seek. This book is for readers who like slightly scary stories!

© G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Two kids stand under a tree with roots showing and forming the words The Hidden Seek.

There are way too many great books to write about all of them here. If you want to find out about more books, ask a teacher or librarian.

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Fun Fact

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The book Charlotte’s Web is about the friendship between a pig and the spider who helps him. It was written by E.B. White. White lived on a farm where there were lots of spiders. Over time, he realized how special spiders were and decided to make a spider the hero of his book! 

“I didn’t like spiders at first, but then I began watching one of them,” White once wrote.  “And soon [I] saw what a wonderful creature she was and what a skillful weaver. I named her Charlotte.”

Author Bingo!

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Animals Make Great Characters

A fox sits on a hill looking over a field.

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Have you ever read the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker? It’s about a friendship between a boy and a fox, and the journeys they both go on.

Animals are main characters in many great stories. You can read about foxes and all of your favorite animals at Britannica School.

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