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These Pets Make Us Howl!

The Comedy Pet Photography Awards are given to the funniest pet photos on the planet.

A black and white kitten looks out a window as another kitten hovers behind with its front paws outstretched.

© Michel Zoghzoghi/Comedy Pets

Michel Zoghzoghi took this photo of his two rescue kittens. The photo, called A Life Changing Event, won the top prize at the 2023 Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

Pets aren’t just cute and loving. They can be really funny, too! Each year, the Comedy Pet Photography Awards celebrate the funniest pet photos on the planet. And this year’s winners didn’t disappoint.

The overall winning photo is called A Life Changing Event. Michel Zoghzoghi took the photo of his two kittens to show their different personalities. It’s shown at the top of this article.

The Comedy Pet Photography Awards were founded in 2020 by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. Both Joynson-Hicks and Sullam are photographers who love animals. The contest aims to celebrate the way pets can change our lives in a positive way. Joynson-Hicks and Sullam also want to send a message about the importance of animal welfare.

People who want to enter the contest can select from several categories. They include Dogs, Cats, Horses, and All Other Creatures Great and Small (animals that aren’t dogs, cats, or horses). There’s also a category called Pets Who Look Like Their Owners. And there’s a Junior category for people who are aged 16 or under. The winner of each category receives a certificate.

An overall winner is selected from one of the categories. The prize is 500 pounds (about 635 dollars), a camera bag, and a trophy. Plus, finalists get to see their photos featured on the Comedy Pet Photography Awards website.

Want to see more winning photos? Check out the slideshow below!

©Chris Porsz, Sophie Boynton, Monyque Macedo Dos Santos, Kazutoshi Ono, Klaus-Peter Selzer/Comedy Pets

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Fun Fact

A German shepherd rides in a biplane below the title Rin Tin Tin a Dog of the Regiment

© Warner Bros.

Rin Tin Tin was so famous that a movie was made about his life in 1927!

People love to take videos of their pets. Did you know that movies about animals have been popular ever since movies were invented? One of the earliest animal movie stars was a German shepherd named Rin Tin Tin, or Rinty. Born in Germany in 1918, Rin Tin Tin was taken to the United States, where he appeared in many movies in the 1920s.

Take Pet Pics Like a Pro!

A small dog is seen through a smartphone camera and in the background.

© German/

It’s fun to take photos of a pet—but it’s not always easy. Just when you’re about to take the perfect photo, your dog or cat suddenly decides they’ve had enough. Here are some tips for improving your pet photography skills.

  • Use natural light. If you take a photo in a dark room, the flash on your camera might go off. This can make many pets nervous. So take your photos outdoors or in a bright room.
  • Talk sweetly to your pet. When you’re taking photos, using a sweet tone of voice will make your pet more likely to cooperate with you. Remember—be kind and gentle with pets at all times.
  • Use treats. Treats or toys can help get your pet’s attention. For example, if you want your dog to look at the camera, hold a treat right next to it. Your dog will stare at the treat, but it will look like the dog is gazing at you! Just be sure to reward your pet with that treat after you take the photo.
  • Have someone help you. You may need someone to hold that special treat or toy while you take the photo.
  • Try getting down to your pet’s level. Crouch down so you are at the same level as your pet’s eyes. A pet’s eyes can show its personality.
  • Take photos from different angles. Take a few photos so you have a better chance of capturing what you want.
  • Try taking candid photos. Candid photos aren’t posed. They simply capture whatever is happening in the moment, and pets have amazing moments all the time! Is your dog playing catch? Is your cat swatting at a toy? Is your hamster stuffing food in its cheeks? Some of the best pet photos are captured when pets are just living their best lives. So have your camera ready!

Taking Pictures

© bakharev/

One photo can tell a whole story! If you’re interested in photography, you can learn more about it at Britannica.

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