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One Big Dog!

Zeus is the world’s tallest living dog, and his family loves him for it!

Guinness World Records

“Is that a horse?” 

That’s the question some people ask when they see a dog named Zeus out walking with his family. It’s not really surprising that Zeus is big. After all, he’s a Great Dane, the world’s tallest breed of dog. But Zeus is even taller than the average Great Dane. In fact, he was just named the world’s tallest living dog by Guinness World Records! 

Zeus stands at 3 feet 5.18 inches tall (104.6 centimeters). His height is closer to that of a donkey than a horse. But since most dogs are much smaller than a donkey, Zeus attracts a lot of attention in his Bedford, Texas, neighborhood. Some people gasp, and others ask if they can take pictures of him. Zeus loves all of it. Like many dogs, he enjoys people and laps up attention.

“We counted 68 times once that we heard people say, ‘Whoa, that’s a horse,’” Brittany Davis, Zeus’s human mom, told the Today show. “It’s kind of a game now.” 

When Zeus is not getting the celebrity treatment, the “gentle giant” is at home with Davis and her family. He loves to play with the family’s three miniature Australian shepherds, all of which are much, much smaller than he is. Davis says the three smaller dogs have tons of energy, while Zeus is very laid back. 

Occasionally, he does get into a tiny bit of trouble. Sometimes he takes food right off the kitchen counter or uses his tongue to “clean” his human baby brother’s dinner plate. He just can’t help himself—the food and crumbs and spills are so easy for him to reach! In addition to the stolen snacks, Zeus eats 12 cups of dog food a day.

Zeus’s other hobby is lounging. He’s the king of the couch, but he also takes every chance he can to try to sit on a person’s lap. It may be a little bit awkward, but the family loves every minute of it.

“He has no idea how big he is,” Davis told Today. “He thinks he’s a lap dog and can sit on your lap… But I just love his personality. He’s a good boy.”
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Fun Fact

A border collie wearing glasses lies on an outdoor deck with a book in front of it
© Pixsooz—iStock/Getty Images Plus

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The reason they’re all so different is because of us—humans! Once we realized how useful our furry companions could be, we started to raise them for certain jobs. Quick dogs were bred for hunting, smart dogs for herding, and big, fierce dogs for guarding and protecting.

Many experts say that border collies, which were bred to herd sheep, are the smartest dogs. Border collies can understand and follow many different commands. A border collie named Chaser became famous after she learned to recognize more than 1,000 words!

Dogs of All Kinds

Cartoon Scooby-Doo surrounded by a labrador retriever, a beagle, a chihuahua, and a greyhound
© niknikp/, © Isselee/, © Chalermphon Kumchai/, © 1999 Warner Bros.; Photo illustration Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

The most famous Great Dane might be Scooby-Doo, the talking cartoon dog who helps his human pals solve mysteries. Scooby is sweet, loveable, very goofy, and afraid of almost everything. 

Are real Great Danes anything like Scooby? Actually, experts say Great Danes are known for their courage, friendliness, and dependability. Yup, they’re usually brave, great with people, and there when you need them. What are some other dog breeds known for? Here’s the scoop on just a few.


Tiny chihuahuas are fun, entertaining, and very loyal to their families. They also love to be in charge. Despite their size, chihuahuas can get a little bossy with an attitude that suggests they don’t know how little they are!

Labrador Retriever

Called “labs” for short, these dogs love a good time. They can’t get enough of kids or grown-ups, and most of them make friends with everyone they meet. Their hobbies include playing fetch, swimming, and eating everything they can get their paws on.


The greyhound is known as the 45-mile-per-hour (72-kilometer-per-hour) couch potato. Why? Greyhounds can run super fast, but when they rest, they really rest! Greyhounds can most often be seen lying down. They love a good nap. Greyhounds are also known for being sweet and sensitive, and they like a quiet home.


Beagles are known for being fun, friendly, and ready for just about anything. They’re happy to do whatever the family is doing because they love, love, love people. Most beagles get along great with other dogs, too, especially other beagles.

Most dogs aren’t just one breed but a mixture of two or more breeds. Known as “mutts,” mixed-breed dogs often have the personality traits of their parents, just like people do.

As different as they can be, dogs have a lot of things in common, too. They’re loyal, loving, and a lot of fun!

Want to learn more about different dog breeds? You can look them up at Britannica School.

Part of the Pack

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Did you know that dogs are related to wolves, foxes, and coyotes?
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